BORACAY: Preserve The Beautiful Island

The Beautiful Island

The beautiful island after six months of rehabilitation, the country’s very renowned beach paradise Beautiful Island “BORACAY” is now open. It is everyone’s hot topic the new Boracay  – the island was reopened last third week of October 2018 after all the sewage problems,  overcrowding and other difficulties that Mother Nature faced for the many activities in Boracay in the past years, the government is very strict now that the new rules should be strictly implemented and must be heartily followed.

The following rules may seem hard to follow for many but it’s important to know that traveling is accompanied by responsible tourism and everybody has the responsibility to care for the places they’re visiting. As visitors of the New Boracay, you are privileged to have a glimpse of the improved state of the island. 

Beautiful Island

Escape, Explore, Experience, follow the rules, and take pleasure in the peace and quiet that the new and improved Boracay has in store for you.


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BORACAY Beautiful Island

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