BORACAY: Epic Spots to Catch Sunrise and Sunset


Boracay is an amazing place to visit, and the great thing is that you can easily catch the sunrise and sunset from iconic locations. There’s nothing more impressive and visually stunning than being able to experience the sunset or sunrise for that matter in one of these cool locations. Here are some great places that you may want to check out right away.



Let’s face it, one of the best and most impressive places to view the sunset is always a beach. And Manoc-Manoc Beach is definitely an iconic place here. You have lots of water on the horizon and that blends really well with the sunset to create a refreshing view. You can walk down the beach and immerse yourself into this astounding, cool sunset experience.

Another good place is the Puka Shell Beach. This one has white sands, and those blend very well with the astounding blue water and the sunset colors. It all blends into a very immersive and unique experience. You should totally check it out, and you will enjoy it. You could also give the Diniwid Beach a shot.

In the case of Diniwid Beach, you have an elevated cliff near the sea. It’s all about beautiful fading lines and rocks heavily illuminated by the sunset. It’s fun, different and definitely one of the best places in Boracay to view the sunset.



When it comes to viewing the sunrise, you do have some pretty interesting options too. Bulabog Beach is a great one because the sunrise seamlessly combines with amazing blue coloring from the water. And yes, there’s white sand too, so it’s just a visual spectacle that you do not want to miss at all.

You might also want to check out the Balinghai Beach. They have lots of large rocks near the coast here, and those can be a great place to check out the sunrise in Boracay. You don’t have to worry about crowds most of the time, so you can immerse yourself in the experience and just have fun with it.

Of course, if you are willing to wake up early, the best place to view the Boracay sunrise is Mount Luho. Go to the top and you will find yourself mesmerized with the beautiful view you get at this vantage point. You do want to double-check the sunrise timing, as you might need to hike for a while to get there.


Boracay has a lot of great views to offer, and you will find it an amazing place to visit. These places are great if you want to view the sunrise and sunset in a spectacular way. We recommend you to check them out and give them a try. They are unique, different and very rewarding, so you definitely need to at least check them out for yourself. Visiting Boracay during the summer and just exploring it while also visiting the aforementioned locations is a great idea, and it can make for a great experience!

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