El Nido, Palawan: The Best Time To Travel

The Best Time To Travel

The Best Time To Travel, the best time to visit the El-Nido is when there is no rainy or cyclonic season, so you can enjoy the beaches and all the activities to the fullest. The dry season is usually between November and May.

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The time between March to May being the driest and hottest is good for people who can handle heat up to 41 degrees and can visit during that time of the year as it is best for aquatic activities, and water clarity is high. The moderate temperatures stay from December to March with cool breezes blowing and are less humid and hot. During this time there is not much rain, so you can make the most of your trip during this time.

As the Philippines may be a tropical marine area, there are summer and rainy seasons that will disturb your trip a bit, but mostly El-Nido weather is incredibly pleasant throughout the year and you’ll be able to visit it anytime. However, for a far better and more leisurely experience, the dry season is preferred spanning from June to November onwards, but it may cause inconvenience in travel and water activities due to heavy rainfalls.

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Island Hopping is one amongst the best and most well-liked options for getting the foremost of the El-Nido to explore secret islands and therefore the charming beaches. You’ll be able to get on the party boat and opt for an island-hopping trip while having a celebration around, otherwise, you can choose between the tours designed by the local tour agencies. These tours have a variety of massive and little lagoons, islands, and beaches to visit. These tours cover the exotic caves, waterfalls, islands, and beaches; you’ll go swimming or hiking at the side of exploring the various spots.

There are four tours usually offered at different prices, activities, and timings. you’ll easily explore the itineraries and choose whichever suits your budget. If you wish to try and do snorkeling or have lunch onboard, then there are added charges for that.

The Tours :

Tour A – It is one of the most popular among the four tours as it includes a visit to a big lagoon. This tour has a great combination of lagoons, beaches, and islands. Tour A has subversions as for the choice of visiting the big or small lagoon.

The tour routes from Miniloc Island with a choice of the big or small lagoon and takes you to the secret lagoon and then to Shimizu Island and seven commandos beach.

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Shimizu Island is an excellent spot for snorkeling and to view the beautiful coral marine life there while the beach is an amazing spot to relax on white sand with turtles hanging out there.

Tour B gives a good time with sandbars, caves, and visits to the uniquely shaped islands.

This tour covers the visits to Vigan Island popular for its snake-like shape also called by that name too, then to Pinagbuyutan Island, the Cudugnon and Cathedral cave, and the Entalula beach.

Tour C This tour is loved as same as the tour A and is popular for its face to face experience with the sea turtles and for best snorkeling along the trip.

This covers the visit to the helicopter island, Matinloc Shrine, and the star, hidden, and secret beaches.

Tour D This tour is best suited for people who love to sit on the beach and enjoy a peaceful environment away from the huge crowds of people. You swim and relax all day long and don’t have to run from one spot to another.

The tour included visits to the Ipil Beach, Cadlao Lagoon and then to the Pasandigan, Bukal, and Paradise beach.

Best Spots to catch amazing sunset in El-Nido

While visiting this magical place on earth, you can’t miss watching a beautiful sunset view in El-Nido. The sunsets in El-Nido are spectacular and breathtaking. The best option to view a sunset is to visit the beaches where the Limestone Mountains make the sunset more mesmerizing.

The best spots you can visit to view the beautiful sunset in El-Nido are:

Las Cabanas beach – With the sun behind the Limestone Mountains and the sky turning pink and orange reflecting the crystal clearwater, the view of the sunset from the Las Cabanas Beach will be one of the most cherished ones.

Also, with the beach being large enough to accommodate a huge amount of people, you can relax and enjoy the view peacefully.

Corong-Corong Beach – This beach is a great spot for viewing sunset along with a romantic dinner. It’s only a walk away from the El-Nido town.

Twin Beach – Another great option to enjoy the sunset is the twin beach junction point. The view from there is astounding.

There are many other beaches where you can opt to go for viewing the beautiful sunset in El-Nido and relax in the magical ambiance.

Hopefully, you have gotten an idea of how to make the most of your trip to El-Nido and The Best Time To Travel. So, when are you going to visit this paradise on earth?

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