Top 12 – Best Restaurants in El Nido

Restaurants in El Nido

El Nido is one of the most loved islands in Palawan, Philippines. It is impossible for a travel freak, not to have El Nido on their must-visit list. It is beautiful with its white-sand beaches and limestone cliffs. But travel and food go hand in hand. When the wanderer in you get tired, the foodie awakens. You need a mind refreshing meal that perks up your taste buds and makes you fall in love with the place, even more, let’s check Restaurants in El Nido together .

Luckily, El Nido has a bunch of high-quality restaurants with a blend of different tastes. The price of the meals might seem higher than the other cities in the Philippines, but it is certainly worth it. Why? Because most of the cities of the Philippines, do not offer a mind-blowing taste. Therefore, El Nido is a whiff of fresh air in Palawan. So, where should you eat while you are exploring through the beaches and cliffs tones of El Nido? We have got you covered with some of the best Restaurants in El Nido. You won’t regret a single bite of the meals you will have at the following restaurants.

El Nido Art Cafe Restaurant

Art Cafe is well-known for its extensive menu, especially pasta and pizza. It is one of the most visited cafes by tourists, mainly because it has one of the best Wi-Fi in town. It gives everyone the liberty to book their cabs or hotel rooms at ease while munching on some of the best dishes. The menu at Art Cafe includes seafood and salads, along with pizza and pasta. It is best if you stick to their pasta and pizza, as it is one of their specialties and you won’t be disappointed in terms of food taste and quality. In terms of overall food quality consistency, Art Cafe can let you down a bit. But it is best for breakfast because it is always worth it.

L’Assiette Bar and Restaurant

If you are looking for fantastic ice cream, then L’assiette is the best bet. You can get gelato at the bar, but if you are looking for their home-made ice cream with a punch of variant tastes, then you can visit their only ice cream store. It is next to the falafel wrap stand. Pistachio and peanut butter ice creams are the best and you are going to rush back to this particular spot a lot more than you planned. If you like French cuisine, then hit the L’Assiette restaurant, and you are going to love the mixture of a different taste.

Taste El Nido-The Vegan Cafe PH

Serving good portions, light, and delicious meals, and incredible coffee, Taste El Nido is an amazing restaurant to stop by if you are looking for a cool ambiance. There are amazing board games as well. Don’t forget to play them and oh, the soy cappuccino is a must-try.

Scape Skydeck El Nido

The view is what drives the audience here. It is spectacular. The food tastes are just average, but the view is worth it. Do not forget to taste the frozen margarita. You will remember it for a lifetime.

The Nesting Table

Nesting Table has an extensive menu with western food and a good range of desserts as well. With some of the best views, this in-house restaurant won’t let you down in terms of food and ambiance.

Squidos Sports Bar

Squidos is a small bar, but the menu is vast, and you are going to love this place. The best seller is their grilled stuffed squid, and their seafood platter and curry are also worth the trial. The majority of people like this place because it is affordable to most of the restaurants in El Nido. Also, the food quality and taste are incredible. Moreover, the deck view is breathtaking, and when you are getting all of this within a reasonable price, you seriously wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting this place. It is open all the time, so do eat here and enjoy the view.

V and V Bagel

Are you missing bagels? Well, nothing beats the exotic and rich taste of NYC bagels, but this is the best of the best that you can get in El Nido. They have lovely, fresh, and well-toasted bagels available at V and V Bagel. However, do not visit the restaurant when the power is out because their toaster won’t work, and they will fan the bagel to its process. The taste will vary, and you won’t adore it. Other than that, we love the bagels at V and V Bagel because they taste amazing. Also, when you are missing bagel, your taste buds will adore the sensation of them on your tongue.

Mezzanine Restaurant

Who doesn’t love sandwiches? With Philippine’s sweet bread, you are certainly going to crave one that makes your taste buds bounceback normal. Thank God for Mezzanine Restaurant at El Nido as they serve the best sandwich you will need. Also, the non-sugary bread taste is going to hit all the right buds of your mouth. The best part about this restaurant is that the sandwich fillings are made up of fresh produce during lunchtime. Therefore, from the aroma to the taste, everything wins at Mezzanine. The presentation of food at the restaurant is fantastic, and the simple yet chic environment makes this one of the best places to eat while you are exploring El Nido.

Cafe Athena

From the backdrop view to the delicious and fresh food, Cafe Athena is a treat in all ways. The drinks are incredible, and the service is praised endlessly. You are going to love this cafe in El Nido.

Osaka Castle El Nido Sushi & Ramen

If you love Japanese food and are a die-hard fan of sushi and ramen, then do visit Osaka Castle while you are in El Nido. They serve great and delicious sushi and ramen and rice bowls too. The authentic food taste is worth it.

Sunmai Nacpan Beach

Want to have the best sunset view in El Nido? Tsunami Nacpan restaurant is the best place for it. The ambiance is wonderful, and the food tastes delicious heaven. The service is a bit slow but you will just forget about that once you blend in with the atmosphere. And don’t get up before you see that beautiful sunset.

El Nido Coco Restaurant

The ambiance of Coco restaurant is a great day starter. The beautiful garden relaxes your nerves, and the tasty breakfast awakens the nerves wonderfully. You can also get fresh fruit here. The service is amazing and fast too. To be honest, there is nothing much to dislike about this place.

The Verdict :

Happiness, food, and travel go hand in hand when you are exploring through a new place. The growling stomach craves for a unique experience because you are out from your comfort zone, and you are dying to try new tastes. The Philippines is not much welcoming for the taste buds, but El Nido is gladly so refreshing. We have listed some of the best places to eat while you are in El Nido, and we hope that you like it.

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