Best Ways to Get to Coron, Palawan.


Coron is a town on the beautiful island of Busuanga which is situated in Palawan, Philippines. The town is famously known for its shipwrecks but, do not let that fool you because the place is paradise on earth. The stunning scenery, breathtaking beaches, and limestone cliffs make this island a great spot for summer vacations.


What is the best way to get to Coron, Palawan?

There are simply two ways to get to Coron, Palawan, such as, via ferry or airplane.

The Airplane Ride:

Your first flight will be to Manila and from there you will fly to Busuanga, Palawan. The airport is formally known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport. The best air services for this trip are either Sky Jet, Cebu Pacific or TigerairAir, or Pal Express Airlines.

A direct one-way flight from Manila would cost you approximately $64 to $96 USD while a direct each way flight from Cebu would cost around $42 USD. Moreover, you could get a connecting flight from Puerto Princesa at approximately $80 USD and, from Boracay at a price of $90 USD.

From Manila, it takes about forty minutes to reach Coron moreover, from Cebu it will take 1.5 hours, from Puerto Princesa it takes three hours, and from Boracay, you will reach within 4.5 hours.

Moreover, if you want a direct flight then it is best that you travel from either Manila or Cebu. These flights are typically available between 6 am to 12 noon. However, only two flights travel to Coron from Cebu on a daily basis. So, if you miss the second flight then you may as well either go for sightseeing Cebu or take the ferry boat.

The Jeepney Ride:

When you land at Busuanga airport, you will be transported to the main town of Coron via a jeepney. A jeepney or simply known as ‘jeep’ is a cultural mode of transport. It is designed like a small bus with open windows and painted with bright colors like red, yellow, and green. Their kitsch decorations explain the Filipino culture the best. The origin of the jeepney is quite interesting. These jeeps were left by the American army after World War II which was later adopted by the Filipinos as a means of public transport.

The Ferry Boat Ride:

If you are not a fan of airplanes or just want to spice up your trip a little bit then, we recommend that you use the ferry boat from Manila. The ferry boat, also known as the ‘SuperFerry or 2GO’ will take you to the town of Coron. Once in every week, this ferry boat travels to Puerto Princesa and stops at Coron. The SuperFerry typically departures at 19:00 pm on Friday evening. Moreover, it takes at least 11 hours for one to reach Coron from Manila. You can take the same ferry boat upon your departure from Coron to Manila. Apart from Manila, you can also take a ferry boat from Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Cebu if your final destination is Coron, Palawan. The ferry boat departs from El Nido at 6 am, 8:20 am, and at 1 pm every day. It takes approximately four hours to reach Coron. However, the ferry boat only departs on Sunday from Puerto Princesa at 7 am.

El Nido Terminal to Coron Pier

You can book all your ferry ride from Manila or Puerto Princesa or EL Nido  to Coron with website which you can see all available ferry boat trips in the Philippines.

Ferry Boat v. Airplane Ride: Which is the better option?

Choosing a ferry boat or a plane ticket to get to Coron solely depends on your budget and how much time are you willing to spend on the way. The ferry is a lot cheaper than the plane ticket especially if you are traveling from El Nido. The ferry may be cheaper in comparison but, the airplane will reach your destination a lot quicker. However, if you want to try something new; then go for the ferry boat.

How to travel around or explore Coron, Palawan?

Coron is a rather small town so, the best way to travel around is by either renting a tricycle or a scooter. Moreover, you can also rent a boat with a driver if you want to explore the nearby islands.

Ferry Boat from El Nido Terminal to Coron Pier


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