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Tsitsaron or Chicharrón ( for Spanish & Andalusian plural chicharrones; Portuguese: torresmo , Filipino: tsitsaron) is a dish generally consisting of fried pork belly or fried pork rind.

Chicharron, less commonly spelled tsitsaron, is ubiquitous, because it is a well-loved snack of Filipinos, and maybe bought anywhere, from a large supermarket chain to sari-sari stores or kiosk along the rotunda. it’s popular as pulutan or finger food to be eaten while consuming alcoholic beverages. it’s also used as a topping on many local vegetable and noodle dishes. Pork chicharron is prepared by deep-frying dried pork rind with a touch of salt. it’s going to be dipped in coconut vinegar spiced with a condiment, chopped garlic, and labuyo peppers, or eaten with other condiments like bagoong or anchovies, lechon liver sauce, or atchara.  

Aside from pork rind, chicken skin may also be made into chicharong manok. Tuna-skin chicharron is marketed as a healthier variation.

A distinct variant of chicharron involves cooking pork loin and meat in the same way, becoming bagnet. While similar and dissimilar to crispy -pata, it is more popular as a meal than finger food and has found its way to contemporary dishes and restaurants. Bagnet originates from Ilocos, Phillipines where it has been served since the 1960s.

Vegetable with Bagnet topping
Crispy Pata

The locals can point out the best places to buy chicharron or Tsitsaron, and kiosks along the rotunda also sell the best brand products from different suppliers.

The leading purveyor of pork rinds within the country is that the original – R. Lapid’s whose stalls sport the tagline Laging Bagong Luto (Always Newly Cooked). which means making fresh, rather than coming from the factory. Of course, R. Lapid does also produces heaps of the stuff at their factories. They even export overseas, and you’ll find their snacks on Amazon from time to time if you’re lucky.

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Pasalubong pack

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