Coronavirus: safety first when going out in Crowd 


Coronavirus, all Citizens are being advised to restrict the time they spend in public amid the coronavirus emergency. But there are important things that people would have to leave for food, petrol, and cash.

Here are some ideas to help you stay safe when you decide to go outside.

Gas Station Refueling?  You are going to have to reach the pump, the nozzle, and even the hose. Receiving cash from ATM? You will need to press the keypad buttons or to tap a screen. Going shopping for food? You would need to drive a shopping cart or carry a basket with you.

Every one of those surfaces could potentially expose you to coronavirus.

“Although this coronavirus typically tends to spread when people cough or sneeze and respiratory droplets fall on others nearby, evidence suggests that there are often miles to be found on surfaces made from materials distributed over hours or days of probability,” said Sana Mujahid, Ph.D., Consumer Reports Director of Food Safety Studies.

Stop scratching or rubbing any surfaces with your palms. Instead, use your pen or knuckle to press the elevator button or the ATM keypad or something with a touch screen.

“When you can’t stay away from touching a high-touch surface, always bring a lot of tissue with you,” Mujahid said, “and use it to catch a doorknob or a handrail. Just make sure you throw it away directly after use. Instead, use your glove to cover your hand or finger.

And your cellphone may not be a public surface, but it may also be a carrier of bacteria, viruses and multiple germs.  Make it all as immaculately clean as you can do. Clean it very often with 70% isopropyl alcohol or use a wipe to clean it regularly.  And even after doing such things, wash your hands throughout all times and avoid touching your face,

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