COVID-19 Terms

COVID-19 Terms the BIG AND BOLD, most of our authorities, public officials, doctors, experts, and friends seem to have developed a brand new language these days, speaking about “flattening the curve,” “social distancing” and “zoonotic disease. ”

If you want to seize upon the difference between self-isolation and quarantine, we’ve got you covered. Here is our big and bold, glossary of COVID-19 Terms that will simply help you understand the unfolding crisis nowadays.   

While COVID-19 has typically come to intend the perfect virus spreading across the world right now, technically speaking, it’s miles the name of a circle of relatives of viruses. Some of those reasons a commonplace cold, while a number of them, like SARS or MERS, are greater dangers.

That’s why you’ll now and again see references to the “novel coronavirus” or “new Coronavirus,” which means that the virus absolutely everyone is currently speaking about. COVID-19   

COVID-19 It is chaos because of the radical Coronavirus. Indications encompass excessive fever, shortness of breath and coughing. Those are linked to “Coronavirus disease 2019. ”

SARS-CoV-2 This is a methodological term for the cutting-edge coronavirus. Being tainted with SARS-CoV-2 that triggers COVID-19.


Big and Bold Coronavirus Terms “Social distancing” refers to a number of the measures designed to lessen the spread of COVID-19, basically by preserving humans away from every other just so they don’t skip alongside the virus.

These encompass things like staying as minimal meters a long way from others, staying internal as masses as possible and maintaining off big gatherings, and heading off touch with folks who are at a higher hazard of excessive illness, similar to the aged or people with exceptional chronic health conditions.

Some human beings suggest “social distancing” should be called “physical distancing” as that greater effectively describes those actions, which may be designed to maintain humans physically apart.   


COVID-19 Terms, Self-isolation ought to be the notion of a more intense model of social distancing. People who are self-isolating are to stay at home and limit all contact with other people for 14 days to avoid infecting others. Big and Bold, physically means, you are not permitted to go to school, to office, or any public areas.

People who’re requested to self-isolate include travelers who’ve again from different countries and those who have come into touch with a person who has COVID-19. Importantly, self-isolation is in the end as much as the character to hold out. It’s not typically enforced.  


COVID-19 Terms :In this pandemic, “quarantine” has usually been used to indicate a type of isolation, with human beings more forcibly kept away from others,

When it involves self-isolation, there may be no one looking at you to make sure you follow the golden. If you’re quarantined, you should abide by the aid of manner of the rules, which might be set out and enforced by the use of government officials.  


The WHO – WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has time and again underlined the significance of the Coronavirus Terms “flattening the curve” to address the coronavirus outbreak, calling on nations around the world to impose sweeping public health measures.

They continue to call on all international locations to install force an entire approach, with the motive of slowing down transmission and pulling down the curve.

In epidemiology, the curve refers to the projected variety of latest instances over a length of time.

An evaluation of a steep upward push of coronavirus infections, a more gradual uptick of instances will see the same form of people get infected, but without overburdening the health-care system.

The idea of flattening the curve is to stagger the number of new times over a prolonged length so that humans have a higher chance to get the right of entry to care.  


The WHO declared COVID-19 a RED plague in early March. Loosely, a deadly disease means an epidemic of the disease in lots of countries — though there isn’t a selected number or threshold at which something turns into pandemic-worthy.   

a dangerous disease that infects many people at one time. The term, if util via the WHO, doesn’t have any specific legal that means and it doesn’t obligate nations to take any actions. The enterprise said they used it, on the whole, to get the attention and make the country take the chance or risk seriously.

6. Asymptomatic

Big and Bold, Coronavirus Terms, Asymptomatic, means lacking any indicator. The cause it’s being added up at some point of this outbreak is that many people are worried that people are probably in a position to bypass collectively with the virus when they don’t have signs or they are not aware of that they are sick or they will be sick, which might be “asymptomatic ” However, it’s not an idea to be the maximum common manner that the virus can spread. Contact tracing takes place while officers and medical experts work to discover the identities of individuals who can also have been in contact with a person who has become ill — and therefore may additionally also become sick.


Zoonotic diseases are sicknesses that bounce from animals into people.



Some examples encompass avian flu, rabies, and Ebola. COVID-19 is also an idea to be a zoonotic disease, maximum in all likelihood originating in bats and possibly passing to human beings via an intermediate animal.

To spare you from any virus from spreading, experts are extremely recommending frequent hand washing and coughing into your sleeve. Self-isolation, maintain to stay away from the crowds if you are unwell or even solely having common flu.

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