Dalgona Coffee: DIY whipped espresso indulgence

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee, A big part of each day recurring that plenty of us are missing is a fresh everyday coffee. From long blacks or large frothy lattes, cafe made espresso is an invariable piece of the day for many human beings.

Dalgona Coffee

That’s why an exclusively aesthetically striking South Korean coffee chic has taken off on media. Dalgona coffee, a Do it yourself whip espresso indulgence using simple and very basic essentials that we almost certainly already have at home, has to be visible to be believed.

While the soft and creamy Dalgona Coffee espresso has newly been popularized throughout social media app TikTok, the groundwork appears to have an approach from a viral video posted by means of a South Korean YouTuber on the previous month, which has racked up over 3.5 million viewers.

Now with people trapped and locked up at home and searching out for their favorite brand of espresso, it comes into view that most of us who have been locked up at home are mostly trying the Dalgona espresso craze.

To make the Dalgona Coffee ‘espresso whip’, you just need to mix together two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and warm water. Then use a hand mixer to whip it and layer the ensuing creamy combined on top of your milk of choice, either iced or warm. It’s Yummy!

We’d usually be slightly doubtful of something that uses instant coffee; however, after seeing the videos, we’re really excited and enthusiastic to make this one a try.

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