When is Ramadan 2020

When is Ramadan 2020? Ramadan is anticipated to begin on Thursday evening, 23 April 2020 and will give up on Saturday, 23 May 2020. Eid al Fitr 2020 is likely to be celebrated on Sunday 24th May 2020. This is the tentative date as the actual date of graduation of Ramadan 2020 is a concern with the sighting of the moon.


Ramadan is the 9th month within the Islamic calendar / Hijri Calendar. The length of the Month varies among 29 and 30 days relying upon the sighting of the Shawwal Moon which ends up inside the much-awaited Islamic festival of Eid ul Fitr on the Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and at some stage in this holy month, Al-Quran has become first found out to the Prophet Mohammed. The phrase ‘Ramadan’ is extracted from the Arabic word ‘Ramad / Ramida’ this means that scorching warmth or drought. So phrase Ramadan represents abstinence from consuming something and consuming water from dawn till dusk.

When is Ramadan 2020?

Ramadan is also known as the Fasting month, is determined via Muslims worldwide inside the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar year. The Ramadan which means in Arabic is ‘Scorching heat’ probable due to the fact the holiday falls in a time whilst the temperatures are quite excessive in that a part of the world. During this holiday, Muslims aren’t imagined to devour or drink anything from dawn to sunset for the reason that fasting is one of the five pillars of Islamic principles. They also are informed to avoid evil thoughts and sinful conduct along with cursing, lying and fighting except in self-defense. Normally, the sighting of the crescent moon marks the cease of the Holy Month. Muslims smash their fasting with the aid of sharing meals with family and pals in a three-day festival known as Eid al-Fitr or the Feast of Fast-Breaking.

What is the History of Ramadan

According to the Islamic belief, the Quran changed into first discovered to Prophet Muhammad for the duration of the Holy Month of Ramadan as he reflected in a cavern outside the Holy town of Mecca. The month is therefore meant to commemorate the primary revelation which turned into sent down on Laylat al-Qadr popularly called (The Night of Power)

What is Allowed and Not Allowed at some stage in Ramadan?

There are Ramadan guiding principles and guidelines that govern this Holy Month. Fasting is compulsory and as a Muslim, you are not required to devour or drink from dawn to sunset. Similarly, if you’re observing Ramadan, you aren’t supposed to engage in sex in the course of fasting hours, bite gum, smoke, backbite, lie, swear, gossip and all types of sinful behavior.

What Do You Eat For Ramadan

There is a common misapprehension that Muslims don’t eat or drink at all for the 29-30 days of Ramadan. This is inaccurate as the body requires nourishment to hold going. The handiest time Muslims are not required to consume and drink is in the course of the fasting hours. That means from sunrise to sunset. However, you can eat earlier than sunrise also called Suhoor (morning meal) and after sunset known as Iftar (night meal). There aren’t any regulations on what you ought to devour, except for the already prohibited ingredients in Islam like PORK products and alcohol.

What Are the Exact Dates of Ramadan?

When is Ramadan 2020? There aren’t any particular dates while Ramadan begins and ends. The Islamic lunar calendar does not fit the solar calendar. Therefore, the dates maintain moving by about eleven days every year.

What is the Key Purpose Of Ramadan?

Ramadan purifies one from impure thoughts, deeds, and EARTHY desires. This allows Muslims to fully deal with their faith through prayers, seeking forgiveness and being there for the needy.

Can Non-Muslims Fast During Ramadan?

Non-Muslims are allowed to fast and join to pray with their Muslim friends in some unspecified time in the future in Ramadan. If no longer willing to participate as a Non-Muslim you could greet those fasting with Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem which interprets to ‘Have a blessed or generous Ramadan.’

 Who Should Fast During Ramadan?

Commonly, everyone who has exceeded puberty must participate in Ramadan fasting. There are however exceptions like pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, the elderly, diabetic patients and people with disabilities and unique scientific conditions. Although children aren’t supposed to fast, you could make Ramadan for kids interesting. Read to them books about Ramadan, educate them on the suitable Ramadan greetings, involve them in preparing Iftar dinners and when the holy month ends, have fun the Eid-al-Fitr together.

How Muslims Celebrate Ramadan?

Besides fasting, Ramadan is a time to recharge or renew your religion in Allah. Some of the things you could do all through the Holy month comprise studying the Quran daily, be present at prayers on time, seeking forgiveness, building wholesome relationships and visiting the needy. As a Muslim, you have to also practice charity as one of the five Islamic pillars. During Ramadan, be generous through showing empathy to the hungry, sharing wealth for the poor, donating clothes and food and offering the Iftar dinners with the less fortunate people.

When is Ramadan 2020?

How Long Is Ramadan?

Typically, the month starts on the remaining full moon of the specific month and lasts 29 or 30 days. In most cases, Ramadan falls between past due May and past due June. For the holy month to end, the crescent moon has to be seen at Mecca on the 29th day. If now not visible, the month goes for a further day and ends at 30 days. However, some Muslim companies prefer following astronomical charts to plan events and activities beforehand of time.

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