Stop smoking and vaping

STOP SMOKING AND VAPING, Smoking, Tobacco and vaping have harmful consequences on the body frame, consisting of making it tougher for the body to combat infections. This includes critical infections like COVID-19 (also called coronavirus). Learn how Smoking, Tobacco and vaping can placed your frame at a higher threat of catching COVID-19 Tobacco use and vaping can increase your chances of having COVID19 by:

Smoking: with the aid of transferring the virus by using or bringing your hands in your mouth.  Smoking doubles your chance of developing respiratory infections. 
Vaping: it makes the lungs more prone to infection and disease. It also weakens the immune system.  Growing evidence shows that the aerosol from vaping devices can damage lungs at the cell and organ levels and worsen the body’s capability to combat breathing infections.  The current outbreak of e-cigarette, or vaping-related product lung injury, predominantly affecting younger people, is still a primary public healthcare concern. 
Sheesha: sharing tobacco products inclusive of waterpipe/sheesha/hukka can transmit the virus among people. 
Smokeless tobacco and betel nut chewing: chewing smokeless tobacco and betel nut chewing growth saliva production and enhance the urge to spit repeatedly. Spitting in public places could grow the spread of COVID19. 

Also, Tobacco use increase ranges of angiotensin-changing enzyme 2 (ACE2). ACE2 is an enzyme that facilitates the COVID19 virus attach to cells within the lung once it enters the body. 

Smoking and Vaping Increase the Spread of COVID19 so easily.

If someone has COVID19 and uses tobacco, smoking or vaping, this does not show symptoms, they’re much more likely to unfold the COVID-19 virus thru coughing. People who smoke may confuse a “smoker’s cough” with a cough as a result of COVID-19.

Smoking and vaping involve hand-to-mouth contact. This makes it less difficult for the COVID-19 virus to unfold from their mouth to their palms and onto different surfaces.

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