Stunning Mosques around the Planet

Stunning Mosques

Stunning Mosques or Mosque (Masjid) is the Holy vicinity for Muslims. It is a venue for worship for all the followers of Islam. The mosque is the place where all of the Muslims of the district come jointly and have their prayers. Mosques are an incomparable and exceptional paradigm of the splendid architecture of Islam and Muslims. Stunning mosques are discovered all over the globe, with the spread of the Islamic empire at some point in the World. Islam has taken its best culture and humanities to those places. Because Islam had reached elements of Europe and Africa. It has left an implausible impact on their cultures, which is clear from the offset. There are so many amazingly beautiful mosques founded around the world. All these look lovely from the outdoor and if you are lucky sufficient to be a Muslim and feature visited some of the interiors, well then you would recognize that it is breath-taking!

WITH ARCHITECTURE AS EXQUISITE within as outwardly, mosques, similar to places of worship and synagogues, are must-sees when voyaging. From the hand-painted blue tiles of the Blue Mosque to the mind-boggling recolored glass of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, voyagers need not be strict to discover gratefulness even with its excellence. Whenever given the opportunity, ensure you set aside an effort to meander through the loveliest mosques from around the globe.

What better time than to recognize the “faces” of these Islamic architectures than the month of Ramadan? Here are 15 awe-inspiring, extremely vibrant and most stunning mosques from across the world. This exceptional structure will leave you breathless.

Here are some of the astounding mosques in the Planet :

Al-Haram Mosque – Makkah, Saudia Arabia

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 4000
Area: 400,800
City: Mecca (Makkah)

The Al-Haram Mosque is also famous as the ‘Grand Mosque’. It is the first-ever constructed mosque and Quran explains its significance, it said that this Mosque becomes the first house that was built for human beings to worship Allah.

The Mosque is to be found in the city of Mecca; Saudi Arabia. It is the most striking, stunning and biggest Mosque ever inside the World protecting up to 400,800 square meters of the vicinity which means about 99 acres of land. This Mosque surrounds the holiest place; the Ka’aba.

Dome of the Rock Mosque – Jerusalem

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 1,500
City: Temple Mount of the Old City of Jerusalem

The Al-Aqsa Mosque and this one are located in the same place as a feature by side, but those two are not identical places. These are two separate Mosques, however, most individuals are much more likely to mix up these Mosques and claim that it’s one or the same.

The Dome of the Rock Mosque has a rock on its top that is a belief or faith of some of the Muslims that on the night of the journey, the Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) changed into ascended in this rock and some accept as true with it became Al-Aqsa Mosque. In the Jewish tradition, Jews trust that this rock is the vicinity where Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) turned into equipped to sacrifice his son.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Istanbul, Turkey

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 10,000
City: Istanbul

This stunning Mosque is well-known as the “Blue Mosque” for the reason that there are up to 20,000 tiles that are blue in color which embellishes the parapet of this Mosque. Its official name is, however, Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

It is the most renowned Mosque. It is well-thought-out exceedingly attractive and the sultan really spent a vast amount of money on building this Mosque. It was built in the year 1616.

Hassan II Mosque – Casablanca, Morocco

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 105,000
Area: 4,840
City: Casablanca

This dazzling Mosque becomes completed in the yr 1993 and it is identified as the largest Mosque within Morocco and the 7th largest within the Globe. 

 It is referred to as the Grande Mosque Hassan II. The minaret of this Mosque is 689 toes excessive and includes 60 stories. The pinnacle tale of its minaret has a laser that is directed en route for to Mecca. Its walls are fabricated from handmade marble. Around 105,000+ Muslims can worship in this Mosque at a time.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 40,000
Area: 22,000
City: Abu Dhabi

This lovely Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is called one of the most stunning and amazingly constructed Mosques. It has the biggest carpet inner it. This Mosque can without difficulty accommodate around 40 to 50,000 human beings at a time for worshiping Allah.

Moreover, this Mosque has a special form of lighting mechanism on its outdoor walls, which venture clouds and further than that, they get darker and lighter in keeping with the sole stages of the moon. And why is that so? Because the Islamic calendar is the Lunar calendar.

Masjid an-Nabwi -Madinah, Saudia Arabia

Masjid an-Nabwi Mosque is situated in the town of Madina. It became built via the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). That is why it’s miles frequently referred to as the Prophet’s Mosque. This Mosque is the next holiest vicinity in Islam. Masjid an-Nabwi Mosque is most of the second largest Mosque inside the whole international and it is known to be the second most stunning Mosque built within the records of Islam.

Green Dome is the most significant part of this Mosque, which is the middle of the Mosque. In this dome, the tomb of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is located.

QolSharif Mosque -Russia

Russia QolSharif Mosque was developed within the sixteenth century. It became referred to as the largest and enchanting Mosque in the country. But it changed into destroyed for the duration of the storming in Kazan by using Ivan the Terrible in the sixteenth century.

However, it turned into rebuilt the same way. And it is one of the most beautiful Mosques in Russia and the complete world, you’ll ever see. Moreover, it’s far more of a museum now, however at big Muslim celebrations, many Muslims visit this Mosque.

Crystal Mosque – Malaysia

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: Max. 2000
Area: 2,146,12
City: Pulau Wan Man

Malaysia’s Stunning Crystal Mosque; as you may conclude from the call that it has to be many of the loveliest mosques. It is constructed by means of steel, glass, and crystals. The sparkling crystal adds magnificent beauty to the building.

However, it is a small Mosque and it can simply accommodate just about 1500 to 2000 people at a time. But it’s far recognized for its grandeur.

Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque, Qatar

Mohammed Bin Abdulwahab Mosque is also called the Qatar nation Mosque. It is also referred to as the countrywide Mosque in Qatar. It is known as after Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, a Muslim preacher, and pupil from the Najd, who founded the Islamic sect named Wahhabism.

This stunning mosque is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. However, this Mosque turned into built inside the year 2011. The Mosque covers a total vicinity of 175,164 sq.M. Besides that, this largest Mosque can effortlessly accommodate around 25,000 to 30,000 people at a time.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque – Iran

Stunning Mosques
Built: 1888
City: Shiraz

Nasir al Molk Mosque is also referred to as a colorful pink Mosque. No doubt, it’s far the loveliest Mosque, located in Shiraz, Iran. It becomes built from 1876 to 1888 (12 years), by means of the order of Mirza Hasan Ali (Nasir al Molk), a Qajar ruler.  This stained glass in The Nasir al Mulk Mosque is extraordinary.

Rehma Mosque – Jeddah, Saudia Arabia

The Rehma Stunning Mosque is also called “The Floating Mosque“. It is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Floating Mosque is without a doubt built inside the pink sea and at the excessive tide, it without a doubt seems to be floating inside the water.

It is certainly one of the lovely Mosques around the planet.  The Mosque located on the coast of the Red Sea along the Cornish avenue in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Grand Mosque – Kuwait

Stunning Mosques
Capacity: 11,000
Area: 46,000
City: Kuwait

The Grand Mosque Kuwait is the biggest Mosque within the country. Its region spans 45,000 square meters (480,000 sq ft), out of which the building itself covers 20,000 square meters (220,000 sq ft).

This Stunning Mosque can without any troubles accommodate as much as 10,000 people in the fundamental prayer hall. The mosque also incorporates a special location for the Islamic library. The dome of the Grand Mosque is 26 meters (eighty-five ft) in diameter and 43 meters (141 ft) excessive and is adorned with the Asma al-Husna.


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